Cummins Turbo Technologies

Innovative Engineering, Absolute Reliability

For more than 60 years, we have delivered innovative, reliable turbocharger solutions that equal real results for our customers.

Commercial diesel engines need more than just raw power; they require advanced technologies that deliver efficiency and meet strict emissions requirements. Our fixed, wastegate, variable, two-stage, turbo-compounding and waste heat expander technologies were specifically developed to deliver higher efficiency and lower cost.

Cummins is the only manufacturer focused solely on medium to heavy-duty diesel engine turbo technologies, and right now is actively focusing on development of the state of the art for the next generation, like assisted turbocharging, new bearing systems and enhanced compressor stage performance. 

Visit the Turbo Technologies website for specific information on turbocharger technology, applications and history as well as aftersales parts and service.  For assistance in Malaysia, please contact Cummins Sales and Service.

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